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Okubo Drives is well known to the concrete industry for use in mini mixers in the 2 ½ to 3 cubic metre range.  The model PK24 Okubo gear drive was developed for Japanese mini mixers in the 1970s.

Represented in Australia by Australian Pump Industries, the drive can be found on hundreds of mini mixers across the country.  Many units were sold in under the private label of Japanese hydraulics company Daikin.  Those units are branded DD09, but are Okubo drives.

Okubo pioneered the manufacture of planetary reduction gear boxes. The product is not just used in mixer drives, but also in construction equipment, deck cranes, slewing mechanisms and even final drives in crawller tractors.

Okubo manufactures a comprehensive range of heavy duty mixer drives with capacities of up to 8-10 cubic metres.

“Everybody knows the ‘mini mixer’ drive because we see them every day on the streets of Sydney and around the country”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “In South East Asia, a huge number of drives involved in transit mixers for concrete delivery are Okubos, although they may be private labelled”, he said.

Australian Pump Industries carries spare parts to suit these great gears although, many machines often run for up to a decade before needing any components.

All that’s really necessary is to keep the oil clean and make sure they’re lubricated with the right grade of oil.  It’s a good idea and keep your eye on the sight glass built into the heavy duty forged steel body.  Okubo has been a prime supplier to key manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery.  They include John Deere, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi and many other famous brands.

Further information on the Mini Mixer and larger gear drives in the range is readily available from Australian Pump Industries.

“The Okubo system is very different to the European style of mixer drives”, said Hales.  “Japanese companies like Okubo have a total quality approach that makes for very happy, long-term customers”, he said.


Further information on the Okubo Mixer Drives is available from Australian Pump Industries or authorised distributors throughout Australia.

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