Road Widener: Laying New Ground in Australia

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News:

Road Widener LLC manufactures unique road maintenance attachments designed to significantly decrease your operating costs whilst delivering excellent performance, productivity and efficiency.

Road Widener’s FH and FH-R units have recently entered the Australian market and are rapidly growing in popularity within the road construction industry. These innovative machines are the most cost effective and efficient tools for shouldering, road widening, backfilling asphalt, trench backfilling, and kerb backfilling in Australia. Manufactured in the USA, Road Widener LLC has sold hundreds of units in its home market and has refined its design over nearly 10 years to best meet customer needs.

Whilst smaller than traditional road wideners, the FH and FH-R models are big on benefits, quality and features. All attachment functions are hydraulically controlled on both models, with adjustable box width, slope, and belt speed. They are designed with ease of use and visibility in mind, providing the operator with a clear line of site to the working area and road edge. The Road Widener is easily manoeuvred around guardrails, sign posts, mailbox posts and other obstructions.

Both models come standard in a left-hand discharge configuration in Australia, and a dual discharge model is also available, allowing optional right or left discharge in a single unit. The FH-R model adds an innovative remote-control functionality, allowing either the skid steer operator or another worker to control the Road Widener functions remotely. Both models lay aggregate at widths of 30-130cm and are powered by standard flow hydraulics. The Road Widener is suitable for use with any brand of large framed skid steer or compact track loader and can be optionally adapted to suit small wheel loaders or large tractors.

At only 1400kg, the Road Widener is easily transported, and can be lifted both off and onto transport trailers by a skid steer or track loader alone – no need for cranes or other logistical hassles commonly required by alternative heavier road widening attachments. All models offer precise operator control of the flow and placement of material, and with standard pintle push plates and wheel rollers, are able to disperse a 20-tonne truck load of aggregate in only minutes.

The Road Widener suitable for use with any type of aggregate, including gravel, asphalt and top soil, which is dispersed via the highest quality heat-treated conveyor belt designed for heavy-duty handling of hot asphalts and coarse materials alike.

For further information on Road Widener products, or to arrange a demonstration of the FH-R or FHD-R models, contact ASV Sales & Service on 1300 837 391 or visit


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