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If looking for proven performance, more comfort options and better design to maximise uptime, the revolutionary line-up of R-Series excavators demand attention.

In addition to increased over-the-side stability, a high quality finish and unbeatable operator experience, Bobcat R-Series models can be configured with industry-exclusive features. With the help of the unique Pro Clamp™ system, extendable arm, and depth check system, it’s never been easier to tackle a variety of jobsite challenges.

BobcatDepth Check System

To prevent time wasted on over-digging or under-digging, Bobcat Company developed its first depth check system for compact equipment.  This avoids the need to manually check the grade or depth with a tape measure or ‘stick’ receiver, and eliminates the need to set up laser equipment for smaller excavation jobs.

Efficient and easy to use, the system delivers accurate dig depth measurement for precise digging performance. It eliminates over-digging and the costs associated with backfilling and compacting fill material. It also prevents under-digging and the resulting need for manual labour to finalise depth or grade.


The system is ideal for:

  • Trenching utility lines
  • Placing drainage ditches
  • Digging basements
  • Installing sewer lines and drain fields
  • Site preparation for footings or pads

Utilising sensors that detect the exact position of the bucket’s teeth, the Bobcatdepth check system allows operators to set a desired digging depth and works against that benchmark. The integrated panel continually references the current and desired depths, while audible alerts indicate whether the operator is approaching the target, at the target, or beyond the target. On larger jobsites, an optional laser receiver offers operators greater flexibility to move around, benching off a laser signal rather than a fixed grade point.

Unlike other systems, the Bobcat depth check system integrates with the deluxe instrument panel. This offers simple operation and eliminates the need for an add-on display monitor inside the cab.

With a Bobcat excavator and the depth check system, operators spend less time checking depth and more time digging. It’s just another way Bobcat makes jobs easier and quicker.

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