For Anthony Reid of AJR Earthmoving, life in the dirt just keeps getting better.

Australian Earthmoving Magazine News:

Since deciding to go it alone in late 2017 after building more than 15 years of experience in the earthmoving industry, Anthony has no regrets. “I started out as a survey assistant when I left school, then I moved up to be a pipe layer with a well-known construction company for 4 years. Since then I’ve worked for other companies around the area, doing mine contracting work and all different forms of earthmoving. I have long history in the industry,” says Reid.

Running his own earthmoving operation has long been Anthony’s dream. “It’s something I always wanted to do as a young bloke – run my own business with more flexible hours. More time with the wife and son, more income opportunities, more diversity, and overall more life benefits.”

The friendly and instantly-likeable Anthony has a natural way with his customers and colleagues – an important ingredient in the recipe for sole trader success. “I take pride in my work and always aim to deliver a good product to my customer, that’s most important to me” says Reid.

Anthony’s natural ability as a businessman is reflected in his instant success as a one-man-band. “AJR Earthmoving has only been up and running since Christmas and I’m already busy working on great projects. It all happened pretty quickly, within a month or two.”

A second major factor in Anthony’s success is his choice of track loader – an . “I’ve got the (ASV Posi-Track) RT-75, with a big 4-in-1 tool bucket. It’s well-balanced, manoeuvrable, powerful, comfortable. Really good all-round machine. Definitely the best track loader I’ve used, that’s why I bought it,” says Anthony.

“I’ve got the bucket, plus pallet forks, crane lifting attachment, mine specs and down the track I’ll look at a slasher, broom, other lifters. It gives great versatility and the ability to do a lot of jobs.”

“I went the RT-75, the bigger machine, for its lifting capacity, torque, horsepower, big bucket capacity to save running back and forth to a stock pile all day, and the better undercarriage for comfort and floatation. More creature comforts in the bigger Posi-Track, and a lot more bang for buck in this machine. Plus the awesome air conditioning – should have gone for that years ago!”

“Buying the machine itself was straightforward. I had a look at other big brands, but easily decided on the ASV due to the quality and the service behind it. I’d spoken to a lot of contractors around the area who were all happy with the way ASV Sales & Service looked after them, during the sale and afterwards. For a small one-man operation like myself, service can make or break me. But also the machine as well; it’s chalk and cheese against the others. Ride quality, power, stability – no comparison,” says Anthony.

So what does the future hold for Anthony and AJR Earthmoving, given his instant success thus far? “Possibly down the track, depending on how business goes, maybe a small excavator. Smaller work; water mains, shallow jobs, backyard landscaping, general excavation – just opens up a few more opportunities.”

“I grew up in the area and I don’t see a shortage of work any time soon. We’re only going to keep expanding outwards in the Hunter. I really enjoy what I’m able to work on and offer to the local area as a single operation with great flexibility for the customer, so I’m happy to continue along my current path. Maybe one day I’ll get a second machine for my young fella to come and help me out on a few jobs!”

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