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Australian Earthmoving Magazine News:

Detailed Earthworks…love it or hate it…are part of most civil projects nowadays. Tight car parks with complicated drainage, domed sporting fields, light rail, foot paths/cycleways, to name a few, are possibly the sections of the job you aren’t looking forward to. These tasks have previously been painstakingly slow and expensive. Many earthmovers are changing the way they view these jobs and taking advantage of 3D technology, which is not inexpensive, but a no-brainer if they want to be efficient and competitive. This 3D guided equipment has now been made within the reach of even ‎modest sized civil contractors with the availability of 3D Ready Level-Best Precision Grading Attachments for Skidsteers and CTL loaders. Level-Best now offers a very comprehensive range of machine control ready options for Trimble, Topcon and Leica systems enabling the GPS or Total Station machine control to be virtually plug and play on any brand of loader. Installations are as seamless as they are quick with minimal down time of the loader. Most installs together with operator training can be done in a single day. This combines with the fact that hundreds of these sets ups are currently operating here and in the USA, which should eliminate the fear of the unknown and provide confidence to the contractor who hasn’t jumped the 3D hurdle as yet. Let’s face it, the thought of embarking into 3D equipment can be a bit overwhelming. Prospective clients often get conflicting stories and advice from different suppliers. The guys from Level-Best are experts in the field of 3D for all brands of CTL loaders with Level Best attachments. This will reassure contractors that their new equipment purchase will operate correctly and efficiently from the outset. For more information call 1800 60 88 50 or visit atomlasers.com.au

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