Fecon DCR Bull Hog Mulchers

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Fecon has recently released its new generation DCR (Depth Control Rotor) range of Bull Hog mulchers, and they are proving to be a major step forward in performance and productivity in vegetation management.

The DCR concept starts with the standard heavy-duty rotor with a spiral tooth pattern, and incorporates a series of depth control rings that circle the drum and act as depth limiters for the heavy-duty knife shaped cutting tools. The sharp design of the tool means that the DCR mulcher cuts material like an axe, where in contrast, a traditional carbide tool acts more like a blunt hammer. While the standard carbide tool is very effective, the efficiency of the DCR design means that you can expect between 30-50% better productivity with this mulcher.

The depth limiting design automatically controls the depth of cut of the tooth, allowing the mulcher to take a controlled bite as it engages the material with every rotation of the rotor. This controlled cutting action means that the drum is very unlikely to stall, making it easier to operate than a mulcher with traditional carbide teeth, which can require more operator intervention to deliver the optimal cutting depth. As a result, the DCR greatly reduces operator fatigue, and is very user-friendly, making it effective even in the hands of less experienced operators.

In addition to faster mulching, the proven design of the DCR mulcher delivers a lot of other benefits. It is very smooth and efficient in operation; the combination of a sharp tool and consistent bite depth naturally reduces the bouncing effect and vibration that can occur with fixed carbide tools. As a result, the smooth-running design of the DCR mulcher is also easier on the machine. With reduced likelihood of the rotor stalling, the machine hydraulic system has fewer pressure spikes, and the improved efficiency translates to fuel savings, less demand on the cooling system, and an overall reduction in wear and tear.

The DCR is ideally suited to all types of material, but due to the effective cutting action of the drum, it can be particularly effective on harder woods, like blue gum, or when used on vegetation with stringy fibres, such as palm, which can present a challenge for traditional mulcher heads. In addition, the finished product left behind from the DCR mulcher is much finer and more consistent. The finer product is more easily broken down after job completion, giving an improved final site presentation, which increases client satisfaction, and can give any vegetation management contractor a competitive edge.

The DCR option is available on Bull Hog mulchers to suit high flow CTLs and skid steers loaders from 98 to 170 lpm, with cutting width options of 1830mm and 1550mm. It is also available as an option across the Excavator and PTO ranges.

For more information, visit www.fecon.net.au or call Fecon Australia on 1300 FECON1

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