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JCB Construction Equipment Australia is abuzz with excitement as the first shipment of new generation skid steer loaders arrives in Australia. The new skid steer loader range offers small platform models ranging from the JCB 135 with a rated operating capacity of 613 kg up to the JCB 205 with a rated operating capacity of 930 kg. The large platform machines range from the JCB 225 with a rated operating capacity of 1,021 kg up to the JCB 330 with a rated operating capacity of 1,495 kg.


“These JCB machines deliver on comfort, serviceability, productivity, safety, reliability and value. We’ve already pre-sold units and we are expecting the demand to grow with many new and best in class features,” JCB CEA National Product Manager, Glenn McLeod said.


Each model will be powered by a Tier 4 Final engine that meets strict emission standards. Tier 4F engines require no diesel particulate filter (DPF) and eliminate the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). “No DPF reduces servicing requirements, increases up-time and because no regeneration is needed it increases fuel efficiency by up to 16 per cent,” Glenn said. “These engines on both the small and large platform skid steer loaders have been cleverly designed to produce high torque at low revs to give outstanding performance and very low emissions.”


The large platform models feature a 55 kilowatt JCB EcoMAX engine with an advanced combustion system to produce low emissions and decrease fuel consumption. The 55kW engine will yield maximum power over full rpm range from 1,200 rpm.


The small platform models are powered by water-cooled JCB Diesel by Kohler direct injection engines. The JCB 135 is a 36kW, three-cylinder model that will produce 57 per cent more torque than previous models. The JCB 155 and JCB 175 are 42kW, three-cylinder models producing 19 per cent more torque. The JCB 190 and JCB 205 models feature a four-cylinder 46kW engine producing an impressive 59 per cent more torque. All engines are turbo charged for improved performance.

Each skid steer loader has an auto idle system designed to idle the engine down after five seconds of inactivity from the controls and will immediately return to previous rpm setting after touching the controls again. Auto idle can be turned on and off.


Both small and large platform skid steer loaders have been designed with a cooling system air flow that draws cool, clean air from above; pulls warm air out of the engine compartment and forces it out through side vents. “This system will direct hot air away from the operator, cooling the machine more efficiently and keeping engine components clean. This will increase the air filter life,” Glenn said.


A new top grill cooling pack with a ‘hills and valleys’ design to allow for maximum airflow will also enhance the skid steer loader ability to handle adverse conditions.


The skid steer loaders feature newly designed electrohydraulic (EH) controls to give the operator better response modes and optional pattern changeover. “An operator will be able to tune their machine to suit any operating style. In addition to the EH controls the loaders have three new operator drive response modes, soft, intermediate and quick, to enhance sensitivity to joystick movement,” Glenn said.


A new standard feature on the skid steer loaders will be self-venting and pressure releasing auxiliary hydraulic couplers. “This new feature will automatically release hydraulic pressure on the machine and attachment, which means the operator doesn’t need to release pressure through the auxiliary proportional control switch on the joystick.” Glenn said.


New options available on the JCB skid steer loaders include creep speed for applications where adjusting top speed while maintaining full power is vital and an electric quick hitch for faster attachment changeover.


“JCB skid steer loaders are designed to be user friendly and protect the safety of the operator. A side door entry to the cab means operators don’t have to climb over or under loader arms and attachments,” Glenn said. “Our unique single boom design gives operators 270 degrees of visibility. No other brand comes close.”


The JCB large platform skid steer loaders have the most spacious cab in the industry with a 33 per cent larger cab than rival brands and a 46 per cent larger cab in the JCB small platform skid steer loader. A large rear opening door to access the engine make daily service points easily accessible and a forward cab tilt design gives access to all the components in the heart of the machine. There are more than 30 JCB tested and approved attachments that add to the versatility of the new skid steer loaders.

For more information contact your local JCB CEA dealership on 1300 522 232.

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